I Make the Sites


When Mark Wlodawski created I Make the Sites in 2016 and then incorporated in 2018, the goal was to help fulfill the online business needs of clients around the world. Since then, IMTS has worked with a wide variety of clients from several different countries to:

  • Build Web Apps from a Combination of Digital Designs and Client's Communications
  • Build User-Friendly Mobile Apps that Share a Backend with Web Apps
  • Work with Clients to Modernize Code and Add New Features with Best Practices
Without a doubt, the best part of I Make the Sites is the opportunity to work with talented web and mobile developers. Through their hard work and attention to detail, our company's reputation improves and we're able to help more clients realize their visions. Contact Us today for a free consultation!

Mark Wlodawski, CEO

Mark Wlodawski with tie

After graduating from international business school at the University of Memphis in 2011, I moved to China to look for multinational trade opportunities. While there, I rediscovered an interest in software and web development. I realized my true calling was web development, which requires continuous learning, attention to detail, and ability to work with others. In addition, I'm provided the opportunities to be creative and use critical thinking. Following several years working on my own, I realized that I could use my experience and my education best by opening a company that provided both consulting and development services to clients.


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