About Me

Let me tell you a few things…


I am very passionate about each of my projects and my objective is to create compelling software products that users will love! I am eager to develop attractive, functional, and mobile-friendly websites, web apps and mobile apps using current and cutting edge technology and code for you and your organization.


Senior React Native Developer

Worklete had been working on a react-native application for encouraging and monitoring employee’s physical fitness when I was hired. I first assisted them by refactoring and cleaning up the codebase using React and JavaScript ES6 best practices. I went on to help the team adopt AGILE methodology through daily standup meetings, code reviews, and greater focus on professionalism. With the input and specifications of the design team and teamwork from other developers, I added new features, components, screens and more to the functionality of the app, such as Firebase-enabled notifications.


Front End Developer

I helped LOB revise their site’s design using a CMS called Webflow, which the Marketing and Development teams required in order to collaborate. I used Marketo to manage the forms, CSS and JavaScript to control the appearance and functionality.

The Data Tape

React/React Native Developer

As a full stack developer, I built the web application, marketing website and React Native app from scratch and published the first version of the project.